Building your first [smart] bot in 10 minutes

This is part 1 of a mulipart series on how to build your first chatbot. The complexity of the tutorials will increase with each iteration.
Building bots have become quite easy, to a point where you can deploy your first chatbot without any knowledge of coding. In this tutorial, we will be publishing a chatbot on facebook that can answer basic questions about you – Resume Bot.

Words you should know

Throughout this (series of) blog post(s) I will be using certain words which you might know. Here’s a jist of what they mean.

  1. NLP: Natural Language Processing: Used to make the computer understand the human language. So instead of writing a C program to turn off the lights, you could just tell the computer – "Ok Google, Turn off the lights"
  2. Intents: What you actually mean when you say something. When you say – Can you tell me your name. The intent of the aforementioned sentence is a question regarding a name.
  3. Entities: Objects/things with certain characteristics. For example in the sentence – My name is Anthony Gonsalves. The entity would be the name and its value – Anthony Gonsalves
  4. Agent: An agent is the instance of Dialogue flow that you train for specific NLP tasks.


Google’s Dialogflow is one of the best NLP platforms out there. Other big players in the market are IBM watson, Microsoft’s LUIS, Facebook’s

Let’s start
So we will be making a resume bot that will be hosted on Facebook. A resume bot will answer all basic questions about you.

  1. Head over to and register if you already haven’t.
  2. Click on create a new agent
  3. Let’s start adding intents
  4. Click on Create an Intent and give it a name.
    Let the first Intent be- name
  5. Click on training phrases and two to three phrases asking someone his/her name.
  6. Then add the response that your bot will give to those questions.
  7. Click on save and try testing your new intent in the Try is now section to the right of the page.
  8. Add more intents and responses to those intents.
  9. Now it’s time to publish your bot to the world, and what better platform to do that than Facebook?
  10. Click on Integrations on the menu to your left.
  11. Enable Facebook Messanger.
  12. Follow the instructions here to create a facebook page and finish your Facebook integration.

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