Making local changes render on codesandbox embeds

Today I came accross codesandbox which is an online editor catered for web applications. It is an opensource effort with all bugs being tracked and handled by the community. The feature I liked the most about codesandbox was its embed feature, that lets you embed code alongside it’s rendered version.

But for some reason the local changes made for my static html embed’s did not show up in the rendered half of the screen. try editing the code below and you’ll see what I mean.

This is the template given by codesandbox for static HTML pages. Even if you press the reload button after you make the changes to the code, the page does not reflect the changes.

To fix this issue

      1. Create a new sandbox
      2. Select vanilla parcel
      3. Delete unecessary files.
      4. The embed code should work now.

Alternatively you can just use the template I have created for starting new codesandbx projects.

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